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Christoph spendel

KAWAI Performing and Blue Flame Records

Recording Artist / Composer / Producer / Pianist /

Keyboardist / Orchestrator / Featured Artist on SPOTIFY

with passion for acoustic and electronic music of any style

leader of the groundbreaking „Christoph Spendel Group“

Composer of Movie and TV Soundtracks

Professor at University of Music and Performing Arts

Frankfurt am Main / Germany


CD: Avenue E

Christoph Spendel Group

on Blue flame records

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Audio from new CD

My farewell concert from the music university

in Frankfurt with CSG

on 05.11.2021

click here for the complete concert

CS with Michael Kunz, the creator of the KAWAI MP Stagepiano

some like it hot

Just out, the new CD „Spirits From The South“

by The New Christoph Spendel Group feat.:

Christoph Spendel – piano, keyboards

Elias Bollinger – drums, perc

Jan Beiling – sax, EWI

Claudio Zanghieri – bass

on Blue Flame Rec. / Schubert Music Europe

as CD, Download and Stream

on Blue Flame Records / Schubert Music Europe

Digital Release Date: 19.01.2024

CD Release Date: 23.02.2024

picture by Jörg-Peter Hohmann

From the "International Jazz Day" concert on April 30th 2023 at the Rebell(i)ische Bühne in Offenbach / Germany, here is a remastered version of the complete performance with the Christoph Spendel Group  on YouTube feat,: Jan Beiling - sax, EWI, Claudio Zanghieri - bass, Martin Standke - drums and C.S. on KAWAI MP11 SE Stage Piano.  Parts of the concert can be heard on Spotify and other Streaming Stations or be purchased as download by Blue Flame Records on Amazon, Apple etc. Very special thanks to Robert Kohlmeyer and everybody at ROKO Media for Video and Audio Recording and to Jörg-Peter Hohmann for his beautiful cover and live pictures. Additional thanks to the Volker Rebell and his Rebel(l)ische Bühne and to Axel Kemper-Moll of the Jazzsession Offenbach. Our deepest thanks go to Mr. Herbie Hancock for creating the "International Jazz Day".

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all pictures of CSG by Jörg-Peter Hohmann

picture by Michael Kunz, courtesy of Kawai Europe

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Elias Bollinger


Claudio Zanghieri


Christoph Spendel

Piano, Keyboards

Jan Beiling

Saxophone, EWI

Christoph Spendel Group